Wema launches a new house style

Wema Metbaselinergb

Wema has a new logo. More than ever we want to be known as a committed, hands-on partner for project management and site coordination in construction. We distinguish ourselves with our technical knowledge, our atypical way of working and our proactivity. We want to come out more and more with that - which includes a new house style.

We opted for a powerful word image for our new logo.

  • In the 'W' you will recognize a red check mark. After all, as a project manager, we tick off a whole list of tasks to unburden our customers as much as possible.
  • With the black color we refer to our approach, which is straightforward, without much blabla.
  • The red refers to the red thread that we form in all the projects that we carry out.
  • We will also see the elements "We manage", "We make", "We match" in all our communication.
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